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    Re: Kurois' custom template

    I did as the directions said, but in Admin... it won't recognize another template other than the default. Any suggestions anyone?
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    Default Re: Kurois' custom template

    Alternatively run screaming to the Support Forum to hurl abuse at me for this (*#@)*$" piece of %*" which together we will eventually trace to some failure on your part to follow the above instructions
    I know that you stated that you have followed the instructions but having done this several times without seeing the problem that you have stated, I have to believe that you have missed at lest one point somewhere in the install

    You are using ZenCart ver 1.3.x, correct??

    In the contribution, there is a future_zen folder contained in a holder folder named
    future_zen_v1_1. Did you upload only the future_zen folder or the future_zen_v1_1 folder to your host?

    Where, (path) did you upload it to?
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    Default Re: Kurois' custom template

    >>Problem is no more<<

    ^-^ Thank you!

    I'm using the newest release [which is awesome]. I uploaded the folder into /catalog/includes/templates , but when I read what you were getting at with the doubled folder deal... that's when I thought to delete the complete v1_1 folder and only upload the internal folder, which worked out just fine. Just a case of subtle confusion, I guess. I [] the template, it looks great!
    Attempting upgrade and hoping for the best




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