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    Default Several Layout Questions

    1. Where do i go to edit to turn off these following features

    Who's Online, Languages, Currencies, Shopping Cart Content Box, Sponsors on the left + right columns. I don't want to turn off the entire right column

    Also, i would like to turn off Top Bar containing "Home, Sign In, and Search Box"

    2. Is it possible to expand Categories to show all Sub-Categories on homepage only?

    3. Is it possible to allow unregistered visitor to write a review that will be posted only after approved.

    4. I would like to move the entire Left Column to the right side, but don't know what file to edit.

    thank you.

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    Default Re: Several Layout Questions


    Here you go :

    # 1 To turn on/off sideboxes and to rearrange the order they show on your cart, and also to move them left/right you use the Tools/Layout Boxes Controller. This is in the admin area of your shopping cart. This answers both #1 & 4 for you.

    # 2 To turn on all of your sub categories is also in your Admin area - you need to go to Configuration / Layout Settings - there you will see the setting to show subcategories or not.

    Sorry, don't know about your reviews question but hopefully these things will help to point you in the right direction.
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