If somone could please lend some assistance, I can't find info that I need for this module. I looked all over the forums and couldn't find a specific piece of info about the Fedex Module for ZC 1.3, It wasn't in the release notes for the Module:

Does Merlin's Module for Fedex shipping just quote what fedex will charge for shipping and then factor that into the final invoice in ZG, or does it send the shipping info to Fedex and then you can retrieve it and print labels from Fedex's software or fedex.com? I know there is another addon in the works that allows for label printing but I am just inquering just about Merlin's module.

More specifically after the module is installed and I recieve orders do I re-input the info to fedex with fedex.com or thier shipping software or do they have it already from the module?

Does the account number I put into the ZG admin for the module just look up my specific pricing for my account or does it send the shipping info (address, amount, and bill me for the shipping) to Fedex?

I hope this was clear enough

Thanks for the help!

EDIT: Merlin just messaged me saying its just a rate calculator for Fedex and doesn't send any info to them to ship.

Thanks Merlin!