I am having trouble uploading files, I have done everything in the archive thread -Upload Module - http://www.zen-cart.com/forum/showth...light=atribute

What i am trying to do is set up a small translation service for my customers, to do this, i have set up a drop down box, an upload box and a very large text field (it requires the customer to paste the whole documnet in the box so an instant quote can be given) All is working fine in this respect, with the atributes.

But it does not want to upload the file on my site. So I set up a new fresh install with the demo site installed and the same is true here.

The site is here

www.fweb.biz/dev/1/ Email abc AT fweb DOT biz Password:12345
www.fweb.biz/dev/1/admin/ User: abc Password: 12345

The first category 'Tranlation' has 2 product in it one 'Translation No box' and one Translation service (the real Product)

When I do 'Translation No box' (upload only in the product), when I go to checkout all seams fine and all goes through fine, but there is no file to be found.

When I do 'Translation service' all seams fine and checks out ok but no file.

I changed permission on the upload folder to 777 too.

I dont Know if I am doing something wrong or there may be a problem with the upload module. feel free to mess with the site.

Any help will be appreciated.