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    main page

    after upgradingthere were some changes that i did not wanted to happen.

    Donīt know where and how i can change it back to how it was.

    on th emain page you have the texkt Welcome gast, would you like to login?

    Wel for an unknown reason thi stext has changed to WELKOM gast, WOULD YOU LIKE TO LOGIN

    Everything exapt gast is in a much bigger font than it should be and i just canīt get it back to the same size as gast.

    How can i get my footer back. I had my copyright in there but with the upgrade i lost my footer.

    please please please who knows the answer to these questions? i am getting a bit crazy cause i can not find the answer and already tried different things.



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    Default Re: main page

    Do you have a URL for us to have a look??



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