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    Email Delays

    Greetings! I'm having a weird issue that I believe is server-related. Whenever I load a page where ZC sends an email, it takes 30-60 seconds to load the next page. This is obviously way too long to wait for an order confirmation. If I turn off emails, the confirmation page loads immediately.

    This is a ZC 1.3 install on a dedicated server that I administrate. I'm using sendmail, and the Timeout.ident=0, so it doesn't seem like sendmail is forcing a lag (sending mail from the command line is quick). MX lookups are quick as well.

    I'm baffled!

    Has anyone else dealt with significant email lags? Any admins out there with diagnostic tips?

    Thanks in advance!!


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    Very odd, the last time I remember something similar it turned out the server was using SMTP instead of Sendmail...

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    win or nix box?

    and who is hosting your site?

    looked into memory allocation? you may want to allocate memory usage a bit better.

    let me know the answers....



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