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    Default "Your database appears to need patching..." warning

    Hi, I have two carts on the same server accessing the same DB, I migrated them to a new host, upgraded the version from 1.26 to 1.27 (yes I know I need to upgrade, but I just inherited this project and am a complete zencart/php newbie, so I just wanted to get the new install up and running as is and I couldn't download 1.2.6 to do the install)

    While both carts seem to be working fine, I am getting the following warning on one of them:
    "Your database appears to need patching to a higher level."

    When I go to the Admin Tools->Server Info page, it tells me that the db and zen cart versions are the same so I suspect there is some 1.2.6 config param floating around somewhere that I've accidentally overwritten the 1.2.7 config with. But I can't find it...

    Thanks in advance for the help, zen cart looks great!

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    Default Re: "Your database appears to need patching..." warning

    This means that your PHP files and your database are not in sync.

    If it says the database is at v1.2.7, then the problem is your files.

    Since you said you have two sites sharing the same database, it would seem that one site's files are out of sync.

    You need to download a copy of all your files from both sites, and compare them using a "diff" tool like WinMerge to see which files got missed during upgrading. The resolve the differences and upload the changes.

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