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    Default Can ZenCart be my CMS too?

    Hi, folks. I've been evaluating so many systems that now I'm reduced to just asking for help instead of trying to slog through more installs/setups to see if I can get this or that package to do what I need.

    I really like ZenCart, but I also need a CMS. The CMS doesn't need to be really full-featured, but it does need a good content editor for non-techies, and a basic level of categorization. It also needs to look very clean and professional.

    Do I really need to hack together ZenCart and a CMS like Joomla, or is there a way I can just use ZenCart for everything?

    The application is for a click-and-mortar store. Much of our site will be the catalog, but we also need article content to promote specific items and kinds of items, and we need generic text for store hours, special events, sales promos, etc.

    Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Can ZenCart be my CMS too?

    You can do all that with Zen Cart. You can either use Define Pages or EZ Pages :)



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