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    Default Discount on Specific Product after Purchase of Another

    Hi Gang

    I'll unravel that cryptic thread title. We run a music store and sell mostly albums with some singles taken from those albums. We do not however follow the Itunes et al method of selling every track off the album (we are old fashioned types that believe in the idea of an album). So I am wondering if there is anyway we could setup a system where if a customer buys a single from one of the albums, they can then get a gift certificate or discount for the purchase of that album when they come back (seeing as they have already bought one song from it).

    Any idea of how this could happen? Any help is greatly appreciated.



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    Default Re: Discount on Specific Product after Purchase of Another

    This could be custom coded and depending on how you have your Alubms and singles setup will govern how easy or hard this might be to do ...

    Custom code like this can be difficult to write and you may wish to post a Commercial Help Wanted with the specifics of what you need ...
    Linda McGrath
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