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    Default Manual entry orders

    To all

    I am looking for a program that I could entry an order from someone on the phone and then process the order through my site.

    If anyone knows of this type of program please let me know.


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    Default Re: Manual entry orders

    Hi there
    Thants what I do at the moment. When I take phone or fax orders I process the order for the customer.
    Simply logon, enter all the required dewtails of the customer and once the account has been created fill the shopping cart with the things your customer ordered and then checkout. All is fine. Your customer gets their order confirmation etc. I usually use the email address as the password so if I need to enter the next order for the same customer I know their password.
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    Default Re: Manual entry orders

    i do something similar, however instead of using customer e-mail address (i make a note of it) i use their phone number . I set it to a password that I use everywhere so I know what it is, and even if I don't then I have the Master Password Encrypted mod installed so I can use that. Checkout with it, and then forward the e-mail to the customer (but make it look it was generated by the store). Since i have only done a handful of phone orders it works for me.. if you do more then I'm not sure what to suggest



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