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    Default Column Grid Layout - th and td's

    I am tyring to style the column grid layout mod. I did what any normal perosn would do. I viewed the source and found


    I put a nice border around it with


    and was ready to be happy and it only worked for a few products.

    After a closer inspection I noticed that the top products didn't have a td tag.

    It was all done in th. I can't find where to change it.

    I went to the developers thing and typed in my class but it took me to the php i was had already looked at and I just don't know where to edit this.


    table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" id="cat9_19Table" class="tabTable">
      <tr >
       <th class="centerBoxContentsProducts centeredContent back" style="width:32.5%;" scope="col" id="listCell0-0"><h3 class="itemTitle"><a href=";cPath=9_19&amp;products_id=11">Baby Boxer Diaper Covers</a></h3><div class="listingDescription"></div><br /><a href=";cPath=9_19&amp;products_id=11"><img src="images/categories/100_0767.jpg" alt="Baby Boxer Diaper Covers" title=" Baby Boxer Diaper Covers " width="100" height="78" class="listingProductImage" /></a><br />$15.00<br /><br /><a href=";cPath=9_19&amp;products_id=11">... more info</a><br /><br /></th>
       <th class="centerBoxContentsProducts centeredContent back" style="width:32.5%;" scope="col" id="listCell0-1"><h3 class="itemTitle"><a href=";cPath=9_19&amp;products_id=12">Baby Girl Fancy Pants</a></h3><div class="listingDescription"></div><br /><a href=";cPath=9_19&amp;products_id=12"><img src="images/categories/100_0826.jpg" alt="Baby Girl Fancy Pants" title=" Baby Girl Fancy Pants " width="100" height="84" class="listingProductImage" /></a><br />$12.00<br /><br /><a href=";cPath=9_19&amp;products_id=12">... more info</a><br /><br /></th>
       <th class="centerBoxContentsProducts centeredContent back" style="width:32.5%;" scope="col" id="listCell0-2"><h3 class="itemTitle"><a href=";cPath=9_19&amp;products_id=21">Cloth Diaper Burp Cloth</a></h3><div class="listingDescription"></div><br /><a href=";cPath=9_19&amp;products_id=21"><img src="images/categories/100_0769.jpg" alt="Cloth Diaper Burp Cloth" title=" Cloth Diaper Burp Cloth " width="89" height="120" class="listingProductImage" /></a><br />$15.00<br /><br /><a href=";cPath=9_19&amp;products_id=21">... more info</a><br /><br /></th>
      <tr >
       <td class="centerBoxContentsProducts centeredContent back" style="width:32.5%;"><h3 class="itemTitle"><a href=";cPath=9_19&amp;products_id=110">Cotton Knit Bib</a></h3><div class="listingDescription"></div><br /><a href=";cPath=9_19&amp;products_id=110"><img src="images/100_0829.jpg" alt="Cotton Knit Bib" title=" Cotton Knit Bib " width="92" height="120" class="listingProductImage" /></a><br />$15.00<br /><br /><a href=";cPath=9_19&amp;products_id=110">... more info</a><br /><br /></td>

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    Default Re: Column Grid Layout - th and td's

    Try adding it to the style sheet.


    border: 1px solid #your color;




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