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    Hiya all! Okay, new day, fresh brain! lol I have a few questions about shipping and hanve looked through the threads and really didn't see anything that applied to my questions. (Maybe my eyes are going? lol) Let me explain what I need:
    First, I have two distributors that drop ship for me, I want to use flat rate shipping based on price, but I want it per vendor as each charges different amounts.
    Second, I have products that I make myself and I want to ship ONLY to the CONUS. I want to use usps and offer their pricing (I know about the module), but here is the catch, some of the items are shipped from Louisiana and some from Arizona as that is where my partner lives. Soaps and Bath Salts from LA, Lotions and candles from AZ.
    How do I set this up?
    I have my products grouped by the three Manufacturers.
    Thanks in Advance
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    As I understand yur post - you essentially have 4 senarios
    Drop Shipper 1
    Drop Shipper 2
    From LA
    From AZ

    What if a customer buys an item from each? What do you want then?

    Unless there is a huge difference between methods it will be much easier to apply a method to all purchases that covers your costs of packing and shipping.
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    I see your point. I agree that would be easier. I could do that for the two dropshippers, but with the products we make, I would like to offer usps and the different levels they offer. So what about two shipping modules, one flat rate table (have already set that up as I was initially only going to do it this way) and then one for the handcrafted items we will produce, with figuring they leave LA only?
    Is this workable?
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