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    Default How do i create a Paypal sandbox account?

    I went to and register for a sandbox account. After the confirmation, I went back to the site with a thought that i can create a "test" account, but I as I clicked through the pages, I have the impression that Paypal is asking me to create a real account.

    I already have a real Paypal account, all I need is a test account so I can run PPEC sandbox on Zen Cart. Can someone give me some guidance? Thanks.

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    Default Re: How do i create a Paypal sandbox account?

    1. Unless you are planning to test echecks specifically, you can probably accomplish the same results by using two "live" accounts and just refund the transaction. (PayPal allows you to have one Personal and one premier/business account per person).

    2. If you still want to use the Sandbox, you must:
    a) create an account at
    b) click on "sandbox" at
    c) on that screen, create at least 2 new accounts, one business, one personal.
    d) generate API details for the business account, and enter that information into your Zen Cart admin, setting your Zen Cart admin to Sandbox mode at the same time.
    e) do your test transactions.
    f) when you're done, switch your Zen Cart admin back from sandbox to live mode, and re-enter your "real" API details into Zen Cart.
    g) TEST SOME LIVE TRANSACTIONS too. You need to be sure that you've entered valid "live" information, which means you need to do some live tests too.

    There are some limitations to working in sandbox mode. All your PayPal emails will show up ONLY in the "email' tab at They will not actually be sent to the email address you entered. However, any Zen Cart emails that are generated while performing test transactions WILL be sent to the real mailbox.

    There are other limitations while working in Sandbox mode. You can read the Sandbox manual at

    Here's the PayPal documentation on setting up sandbox accounts:

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