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    Default 1 column for only 1 page

    In my shop I use the four pages that come built in to zen cart. For example: "Page 2" , "Page 3" , "Page 4".

    I want do disable the right column on just one of the pages, but on all the others show both left and right.

    Is there a way to do this ?


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    Default Re: 1 column for only 1 page

    Yes there is:

    go into your template folder (includes/templates/yourtemplate/) and create a new folder for the page you want to make the changed for. For example page_3.

    The copy the file from your includes/templates/template_default(or yourtemplate)/common/tpl_main_page.php to that new directory and add the following define:
    PHP Code:
     $flag_disable_right true



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