Hi all,

I am trying to find a solution to a couple of problems which I cannot seem to resolve despite searching through all the switches I can find within the admin settings.

It seems navigating to a product via the Featured products listings is possible with one url variation however navigating to the same page via the category tree provides a completely different one. Both urls work, however I would like if possible to restrict one page to a single url. Is this possible via standard methods or is a hack required?

Similarly, I have a small amount of products (7). In order to have them listed in a sidebox I have currently got all products in a parent category of the same name. Turning on skip 1-prod categories does the trick, but in terms of the search engines this is not ideal. Is there anyway to have 1 prod categories to render product urls in place of category urls or alternatively, is there anyway to have a sidebox replace the categories sidebox and just list the available products?

Thanks for any and all help.