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    help question HTML editor: White space on main_page

    I've just re-designed my front page using the HTML editor in Define pages and am dissapointed to see a whole load of white space above my intended layout.

    I've no HTML experience but can't see anything that would add spaces in the code. Can anyone suggest what I may have done wrong?

    Might it help if I edited the code in a different program and then cut/paste it into text only section of Define pages?

    Also, when I'm editing the font appears much larger than it does on the front page - why does it not look the same as in the editor?

    (Shaggy Dog Crafts main page)
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    Default Re: HTML editor: White space on main_page

    You are thinking along the right lines. Personally I never use the HTML Editor because it creates superfluous tags and HTML presentational attributes for things that should be done via CSS. So I either create my text panels elsewhere and then import the code directly into the plain text editor, or just key HTML directly into the plain text editor.

    The specific problem that you have with spacing is that you have several paragraphs that are either completely empty, or empty in practise (e.g. with a link that has no text or image, and therefore no physical space on the page - though it's surrounding paragraph does). I would look at you text with the plain text editor to locate and delete these.
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