Well, having a very similar query & found no way to make a NEW POST, (please how do you find that option), I am therefore adding to this one.

This query is very similar, I will foloow those suggestions.
I have loaded everything of Zen 1.3.7 and ready to add later some new patches for Paypal, Royal Mail & a dropdown menu. Have now understood how to backup everything before the patches and have made some template customisation, (DrByte assisted where I messed up previously).

My live site tests, just for UK, show no shipping options when you add one item (of only 3 items in it) and go to the shopping cart, I have selected Cheque/ bothPaypal using log files, flat rate 0.75, freeoptions and storepickup (using paypal for visitors).

1) On estimate shipping there is nothing there to select.
2) On shopping cart options, using paypal express & review payment,
we get this "unable... PayPal to process orders from the geographic region you selected as your PayPal address. Please continue using normal checkout and select from the available payment methods to complete your order" being that every test account is another UK address.
3)In shopping cart login, Sorry, we are not shipping to your region at this time.
Please contact us for alternate arrangements... choose your payment method
gives no options at all.
4) My 75p flat rate does not show in either cart nor paypal.
5) IPN/Express (both debug), Cheque, COD & ZenCart payment options on.

So if none of the previous answers help any of this, be very pleased for guidenance, & the book is a real help, just not as comprehensive as I would have liked, however well worth the money.

Anyone is welcome to play with my cart & become a 'customer' just for testing, & have a 1p item on test, even refundable if you get to paypal!