I do appreciate very much infos on this forum, think you are very helpful. This time I am not sure if post this right place or not, but would like to ask help, suggestion or please direct me to right direction...

My store is in Hungary. I think can set up the zone and tax definitions correctly for home customers. Hungarian vat is 20%.
Q: Where and how can add to the invoice my, and the custormer's home TAX number - if customer has it - according our tax laws requiries.

I would like to now how can I set up if the customer is from European Union or third country.... Third country VAT is 0%.
The EU customers are 2 type, one who have EU TAX-ID number ( this is similar to their home tax id, begins with letters, ig Hungarian id is "HU+8 number characters" ) -- tax is 0% if the ID is verified, and also need to place this number on the invoice.
If it not verified, or others who have not any, or do not want use their EU tax-id numbers --- tax is 20%.
I have to create tax report based on EU Tax-ID numbers.
Also there is an obligation to collect the sale's euro value by customers name, and create tax report if the cummulated sale value is over the limit, written in the tax law.
Q1: How and where can customers give their EU Tax ID number?
Q2: How can get data from ZC to create my taxreports ?

From the user's manual book I understand that can define logical grouping... In my situation it means that should create 4 zones? One for Hungarian, one for EU TAx reg.customers one EU non reg customers and one for 3rd countries...and in every tax zone I supposed to add all country selection that placed in 'Country' list.
Q1: Do I think correcly this selection?
Q2: May I delete all other pre-defined zones? ( ig.: there are USA, Australian zones I do not need, for Austria,Spain also... etc. ) Or have to keep for other purposes...
Is there more simple solution?

Thank you in advance.