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    Default Shipping Estimator - Change Default State

    How do I change the guest state to say "New York" in the guest mode while one is viewing "Shipping Estimator" , the default country is "USA" but the default state is not selected.

    However I do not want this default when one is logged in.

    Hope for some help.

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    Default Re: Shipping Estimator - Change Default State

    any help appreciated

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    Default Re: Shipping Estimator - Change Default State

    I too am looking for the same feature.

    Oftentimes I get customers say "all you offer is 'Store Pick-up'".

    Not true. They just didn't fill in their zip code.

    I would like to change the default Country to USA (Which it is already doing) and change default State to Florida and default zip to 33777 so that at least some sort of shipping price shows and they realize we do ship products out.

    But like harry2cool wants, I don't want the defaults to fill in if they already have those defined in their profile.

    I looked into the code and it appears to be controlled by MySQL. I don't know how to define the "selected" option as it is coded.

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    Default Re: Shipping Estimator - Change Default State

    Perhaps just customizing the Shipping Estimator with a little text of instruction would go a long way to helping customers use it right ...
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    Default Re: Shipping Estimator - Change Default State

    Ajeh's point is well-raised. Giving default shipping rates to a generic destination isn't very accurate.

    nevertheless, if you must set defaults, edit /includes/modules/YOUR_TEMPLATE/shipping_estimator.php
    around line 37 you'll see:
       $zip_code = (isset($_SESSION['cart_zip_code'])) ? $_SESSION['cart_zip_code'] : '';
       $zip_code = (isset($_POST['zip_code'])) ? strip_tags(addslashes($_POST['zip_code'])) : $zip_code;
       $state_zone_id = (isset($_SESSION['cart_zone'])) ? (int)$_SESSION['cart_zone'] : '';
    Replace the ''at the end of the two lines with the appropriate values, as shown in red. Leave the middle line alone.
    The first value is a zip code.
    The second value is the NUMBER of the zone associated with the state you want selected. (from the Zones section in your Admin)

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