I think I have found a bug with the free shipping module.

I'm using a fresh install of 1.3.7. I've enabled free shipping to a zone defined as 48states. I have one product set to free shipping.

Situation 1:
If a customer in Alaska or Hawaii tries to checkout with the free ship item, they get a message saying we are not shipping to that region at this time.

Question 1: Should it not charge a fee since the region is not true?

Situation 2:
Same as one except the customer places another item in the basket not set to free shipping, and is allowed to check out. Also, the weight defined for the free ship item is not being added.

Question 2: Should either the module not allow checkout -or- add weight for freight calc if the zone defined for free ship is other than lower 48 (logic is not true)?

What we are trying to do is allow one item to have free shipping in the 48 states only, else (Canada, Alaska or Hawaii) charge freight for that item.

Thanks for any suggestions,