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    Default Zencart for window shopping

    I am in need of a way to list items and/or services which can be searched just like zencart does normally with products. However, I do not want the visitors to purchase items, only to browse or look up info. Can the shopping cart be disabled on zencart, and all of the associated links and icons be removed so it does not look like my shopping cart is there but not working?

    My friend had zencart for his online store and i love what can be done with it, im just not sure if it would fit my specific needs.


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    Default Re: Zencart for window shopping

    You can have a showcase with or without prices that disables the shopping cart - it is built in to Zen Cart.
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    Default Re: Zencart for window shopping

    Thanks Kim, sounds perfect!

    Can the body ZC be kind of "inserted" into a web page? I have an existing website with other pages of info, but would need my ZC page to have the same layout and banner as the other pages. I also wont need a 'home' or 'login' link, or any of the category links on the top. Only one sidebar of pull down menus and the "results area" in the middle.

    Im very good at HTML.. could i somehow just copy & paste the code for the search and results into a table on my webpage?

    Or maybe im just trying to re-invent the wheel here. I did quite a bit of searching thru this forum on "showcases" and got lots of ideas. In this thread ( it looks as though sigol is trying to adapt ZC to do something quite different, like I am. Links were posted for purpose built applications for his needs.

    I'll stop being so vague in my questions.. our business sells machines, supplies, etc, and also offers classes with the machines and things you can make. The classes are what I need to organize. Right now I just have a page listing of all the classes with the info. I would like to use a ZC type program and make each class an "item". Then have pull-down menu's with criteria such as the instructors name, location, type of class, etc and it would display which classes we offer that fit all of the criteria selected.

    Do you (or anyone) know of some type of application that would allow me to create this easier (such as the real estate links posted in the above linked thread)? Or would it not be difficult at all to do this with ZC even though i'm creating all new fields and types?

    I am amazed at the support that this forum gives to ZC! Thanks in advance!



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