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    red flag Can't get past database setup

    Sorry if this is covered somewhere else - I tried searching and have been trying to figure this out for days!

    I am trying to install v1.3.7 to a Unix host.

    I have uploaded all of the files via FTP with no problem, set up MySQL databases with no problem, and changed the permissions on all files that I need to via FTP.

    But - I still can't get past the Database Setup portion of the install. No matter what I change the settings to on my Cache folder, I still get the same error:

    ATTENTION: Problems Found The Session/SQL Cache Directory entry is not writeable

    I have tried setting the folder to 777 and to 666 using FTP as well as through my host's control panel and am still having no luck. Even though everything SAYS that the file is writable, I still get the error!

    Help please!

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    Default Re: Can't get past database setup

    check your database name, if it is not correct it will give the same error - ie. mine is like "football_zcart" some are just "localhost" Also be sure the database has been created. Zen Cart does not create the database

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    Default Re: Can't get past database setup

    What is the exact path you're trying to use for your cache folder on the database-setup screen?

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    Default Re: Can't get past database setup

    For fastest results it may be best to contact your Hoster.

    If, for example, PHP is run as CGI then you cannot use 777 permission even though the install says you must, but instead, must use 755 for all directories and 644 for all files. The two config files would also need to be set using another method than through an FTP program or a Control panel.

    Also, there are approx. 1,800 files to upload in a new install and it's not uncommon for a few not to make it. If your FTP provides information on failed uploads you know exactly which ones to reupload. Else, you need to go by some other upload confirmation method.
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