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    Default Importing Email Into Subscription Manager

    Hi Guys,

    I've been having trouble importing a list of email addresses from a flat file.

    I've tried it a few different ways, and at this point I'm unable to grasp the concept, I suppose.

    I read the readme file, but for the most part it is the same info provided in the admin.

    I've tested the import script with a list of 2500 emails and it went
    without problems, but if you have very large lists, you might want to
    take care.

    Use the file selector to select the file to import.

    Indicate how fields are separated (\t for tabs, , for commas, etc)

    If the fields are wrapped in quotes, fill in that field.

    Enter a sample record. This lets the import script know what fields to
    import. Use NULL for fields not to import, 'email' for the address, and
    'format' for format. Adding format is optional-you can specify a default.
    Note that you don't have to enter the entire record. If each record is 10
    fields long, but email is the first field, just enter:
    email NULL
    If email was the third field, and format the second, enter:
    NULL format email NULL

    If there is a header row (excel files often have them), check the box and
    the first row will not be imported.

    Indicate the fallback email format to use if there is none in the record,
    or is not 'HTML' or 'TEXT' (the check is case-insensitive-'html' is okay)

    Cross your fingers, hold your breath and submit.

    I guess I don't understand the "fields" concept.

    In the admin where it says" Enter a sample record, using 'format' for email format field and 'email' for email. Use NULL to indicate fields not to import.
    Separate fields with a single space."

    And they have this example in the input box: email NULL format NULL

    If my flat file is just a list of email addresses seperate by comma's


    with the format field, my understanding is that in order to assign each address to receive HTML email, I should make my flat file to read as this

    EX:, html,, html,, html

    Does anybody have experience importing, and would you mind explaining how I should layout my flat file in order to import properly?


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    Default Re: Importing Email Into Subscription Manager

    Does anybody have any suggestions?

    Maybe I wasn't very good at explaining my problem.

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    Default Re: Importing Email Into Subscription Manager

    It would be nice if someone could explain the details of importing email address's via the subscription manager module...

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    Default Re: Importing Email Into Subscription Manager

    Dear all,
    I think I have solved it out. I just input the email address in row1column1 in an excel file. Then I save the file as tab delimited file.
    I upload the file I saved in "File to import" field and then input \t in "Fields separated by" in the control panel. I chose HTML as "Default email format" and then I click "UPLOAD" and the email address is up successfully. Hope it helps.



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