Customer has an existing website using OSCommerce and wishes to change to ZenCart.
ZenCart v1.3.7 has been installed on a development server and the product descriptions (html) have been copied and pasted into ZenCart product info pages.

How do we efficiently select product images for each product page without going through the tedious process of downloading each image individually from the admin product page editing screen, previewing and saving?
We had hoped to simply ftp all the images to the /images folder or a subfolder of /images and then go through the various products and select the appropriate image. However, we find we cannot select an existing image from the server. We have also attempted to manually enter the filename of the image however in doing so the Preview button becomes inactive. Instead we must download through our local pc.

This issue was mentioned some time ago by someone else before ZenCart version 1.3.7 and was answered this way:
"If you already have the images loaded, you should be able to enter the name and click on the (sic) No do not Overwrite Existing Files"
We have ZC v1.3.7 installed and this method simply does not work. If we attempt to enter anything in the Products Image box without using the browse button to find the image locally, then the Preview button goes dead and we cannot save the change.

Since this new website involves literally hundreds of product pages and images we are hoping there is a better way.

Hopefully a new version will include a means to select existing images off the server.

Any advice on how make use of a bulk ftp upload of images to the /images folder and then select those images would be appreciated.