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    I'm using the latest download of 1.3.7.

    This is a store that sells DVD's, and they have a list of Actors A-Z that they want listed, which each actor has their own movies. I first set it up as individual categories, a, b, c, with the corresponding names in each, but they didn't like the layout in that it would just list the Alphabet on the page, and you had to click to each one, then it would go to a page of categories that consists of each actors name.

    So, we just listed the actors as categories under the main category A-Z, which they don't like either, because they at least want a Header of the alphabet to separate each sections of names -- for example -- A, then list names, B, then list names. The names are categories that list their individual movies.

    Question -- Is there a way that I can add a separate header to separate the names into sections as describe so that it lists like this all on one page when you click to actors A-Z:

    name name name name, etc

    name name name name

    (each name is a category with their individual lists of DVD's)

    I was hoping that maybe there was a solution and that maybe if there was a way of utilizing the E-Z pages, but I'm really a novice with that, because I have no clue how that works....I was hoping that the zen experts would have some insight. If this would involve a custom solution, I would be open to it.

    Thanks as always to everyone here for their knowledge and help.
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