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    Default "Contact Us" sidebox help

    Hello. I am a new user and still learning a lot about Zen Cart.

    I downloaded the Contact Us sidebox from the downloads section on this website.

    The problem is I just want the Contact Us title and under it the E-mail Us link that takes them to the Contact Us page. The link works already.

    The sidebox currently also displays the date, store name, store location and phone number. I messed with the template and could not figure out how to remove that extra information I did not want.

    I was able to remove this information from the Contact Page itself through the e-mail options settings but it did not take it off the sidebox.

    Sidebox looks like this now:
    Contact Info
    October 2, 2007
    Store Name
    E-Mail Us

    and I want it to look like this:
    Contact Info
    E-Mail Us

    Any help is appreciated. You can see the website at if needed.

    Travis Cooley

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    Default Re: "Contact Us" sidebox help

    Looks like you sorted this -

    Mind posting your solution for others to see
    Zen-Venom Get Bitten

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    Default Re: "Contact Us" sidebox help

    Yes I found out how to do this.

    Once you have the files installed for the Contact Us sidebox that is available in the downloads section, you have to edit the following files.


    This is the code in the file:
    define('BOX_HEADING_CONTACT_SIDEBOX', 'Contact Info');
    define('CONTACT_STORE', nl2br(STORE_NAME_ADDRESS) .'<br /><a href="' . zen_href_link(FILENAME_CONTACT_US, '', 'SSL') . '">E-Mail Us</a>');

    Delete the BOLD text from above and it will make the store info and phone number go away. You will have just the date and E-mail Us link. If you wish to delete the date as well like I did you need to edit the following file also.

    includes/templates/YOUR TEMPLATE/sideboxes/tpl_contact_sidebox.php

    This is the code in the file:
    $timezone = -7; //(GMT -7:00) MST (U.S. & Canada)
    $date=gmdate("F j, Y", time() + 3600*($timezone+date("I")));

    $content = '';
    $content .= '<div id="' . str_replace('_', '-', $box_id . 'Content') . '" class="sideBoxContent">';
    $content .= $date .'<br />';
    $content .= CONTACT_STORE;
    $content .= '</div>';

    Again, delete the BOLD text and it will remove the date for you.

    This may not be the easiest or best way to accomplish this, I just know it works. I messed with it for a few hours and found out the above method worked.



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