All of my product offerings are digital, so all are available for immediate download. No problems there. However, I provide my customers with the option of purchasing products on disk to be shipped to them. No problems there either.

But, when I try to combine these delivery method options it automatically sets it so that they are buying BOTH the digital file AND the digital file on disk. That's okay, if they want to. But most of my customers only need the immediate download and not the disk. It'd be fine but shipping is obviously free for downloads and I charge a fee for the disk, which is included in shipping charges for that option.

What it's doing is providing two automatically selected (and you can't deselect one or the other) radio buttons-- one for download and one for shipping. I've tried setting the option types to both dropdown and radio and with both it provides radio buttons, with shipping and download automatically selected.

So not sure what I'm doing wrong or how to remedy this. Any help's greatly appreciated.