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    I have been using Zen Cart for over three years now. I have designed a new website using a different server. The IP address of the server was changed three days ago and today I went on my Zen Cart Administration page and all my customer list is unavailable.
    Where did it go? How can I retrieve it? Or is it totally lost? It makes me sick in my stomach to think of the last possibility! It had all the customers who bought in the last three years!

    How can I attach Zen Cart on my new website and retrieve my customer list?

    Thank you.

    Yves Vincent

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    Default Re: Customer list

    Let's not panic yet Yves (though I know exactly the feeling you're describing).

    Could you be more specific about what you are seeing that leads you to believe that the customer list is unavailable? Do you still see products, etc. in your store?
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