Ok, two problems:

First, I have my store set to view sideboxes/cart_summary.php, but the Admin page highlights this in pink and says "Missing" above the E (Edit) icon. I have a file in my template/sideboxes/tpl_cart_summary.php, but this doesn't seem to be getting viewed.

Second, I can see my Best Sellers page fine from the home (index) page and other pages in my site, but on the Product Info page it disappears. I'm thinking that perhaps I need to alter "tpl_main_page.php" but I'm not sure.

Also, do I understand the docs right that if I wanted a special module for say my "product_info" page, then I'd create a directory called "product_info" in my "sideboxes" directory?


P.S. Site is currently not available for public viewing, but I know that it's not set to "Showroom".