I've just started using Zen cart and we are trying to put the finishing touches on our store. We installed the Motherearth template. I have three items that I can't figure out. I've read through these very helpful forums and the FAQs and I think I have followed the directions but It still no workey right.

1. Logo is not changing in size and sits below where it should. It is behind the tool bar. I've tried changing pixel size and it doesn't seem to make any difference.

2. The header info still says "Zen Cart!, The Art of E-Commerce" When I've changed the text (in the same file as the logo) to Porter Ranch Pharmacy

3. There is a lot of extra space between the tool bar and the side boxes and welcome message. How do I remove this extra space?

The site is not in production yet but can be viewed at www.porterranchpharmacy.com/cart