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    Default Cart line that says "weight"

    I have done what this page said would turn off the weight line in the shopping cart.

    But it is still showing on the page. Is there another fix to this?



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    Default Re: Cart line that says "weight"

    There's another place to turn weight off in Admin/Catalog/Product Types/edit layout
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    Default Re: Cart line that says "weight"

    Also for the shopping_cart page itself there is a setting in the Configuration ... Layout Settings ...
    Shopping Cart - Show Totals
    Show Totals Above Shopping Cart?
    0= off
    1= on: Items Weight Amount
    2= on: Items Weight Amount, but no weight when 0
    3= on: Items Amount
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    Default Re: Cart line that says "weight"

    Ajeh - That's the one I needed! I searched for that and couldn't find it. Thanks for showing me where it was!



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