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    Default can't access admin to login


    When I got to my websites store
    I am able to get there fine.

    but I can't get to
    I get this error "Unable to connect
    Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at"

    I looked around for advise, and tried deleting cookies, and checked the permissions on the configure files.

    One think that happened. I did part of the installation one day, and came back to do the configuration settings about 1 week later. I don't think this could cause it though.

    I have multiple .coms on this server space, and have a zen cart shop at as well. I didn't have any trouble setting that one up.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    Default Re: can't access admin to login

    Your store does not seem to have ssl installed.
    Edit admin/includes/configure.php file, set ssl to false.
    I no longer provide installation support on forum for all my modules. However, if there are real bugs with the modules please feel free to contact me

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    Default Re: can't access admin to login

    thank you!



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