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    Default Noob question: Are these Attributes?


    I'm setting up a store to sell art. In the vast preponderance of cases there are no options for a customer to select from (photos do come in two sizes however, and there may be jewellery ring sizes at some point).

    What I want to display beside the product photo in all the Product Info pages is:

    Artist Name
    Year Created

    Ideally this info would be added at the same time the product is added.

    Are these variables Attributes in the Zen Cart sense (the zence?)? I have tried to grok the attributes controller and it seems a bit, um, let's say more intricate than what I think I'm after.



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    Default Re: Noob question: Are these Attributes?

    What you should look into, is the Product Type, which is documented here:
    I no longer provide installation support on forum for all my modules. However, if there are real bugs with the modules please feel free to contact me

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    Default Re: Noob question: Are these Attributes?

    I saw that. It fills me with despair. Is there a way to simply add one text field to Product General?



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