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    Default Contact Us Form Not Working

    I was recently made aware that people have been trying to contact me through the 'Contact Us' form, but I am not receiving the emails. It was working at one point and I haven't changed any of the settings, so I have no idea why it's not working now. Can anybody help me?

    I am using Zen Cart and my webhost is ipowerweb. Email transport method is PHP.

    Contact page is here:


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    Default Re: Contact Us Form Not Working

    Just one other thing I found it hard to get back to the shopping cart when an item was placed in it. The only way I could find to checkout was to put another item in the basket.

    I had the same problem with the email and found that to sort it out I had to re-setup the email including the server. ie delete sales at and then reinstall it and that se it up again in Zencart. Are you having problems with the checkout confirmation, if so then this is the way to sort out the problem

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    Default Re: Contact Us Form Not Working

    If you first verify your email addresses you setup work try this thread it worked for me



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