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    Default Upgrading Questions

    We are attempting to determine our options as to our current installation of Zen Cart 1.2.5. It is and has been running just fine on a Linux server with PHP 4.4.7 installed. One of our four domains on the server is a vBulletin forum. We have been informed by vBulletin that their upcoming release, version 3.7, will require PHP 5 to run.


    1. Will Zen Cart 1.2.5 run correctly if we upgrade our PHP 4.4.7 to PHP 5?

    2. If we decide to upgrade our Zen Cart installation, is there anyone offering installation/upgrading services for hire who would be recommended?

    My thanks for any and all help.
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    Default Re: Upgrading Questions

    I looked at your site/shop and this would be a relatively easy upgrade baring that you have many 3rd party modules installed. There are many here that could do this and/or you can post in the commercial help area.

    As php 4.x will be phased out and your version would be harder to patch than to upgrade I believe your easiest route is to upgrade
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