Hi All

I have 1 zen site (Site A) that uses a template that included part of BetterCategories. Site A also has EZ Populate Advanced (pay version). On Site A I can enter the cat/sub cat descriptions and image names in a text file and upload them. The key field is c_categories_image.

Site B has BetterCategoriesEZInfo and EZ Populate basic (free). I can't upload my text file to Site B. I have over 300 cat/sub cats, so I'd really like to be able to upload my information. I don't want to install EZPop Advanced on Site B because, frankly, it doesn't work as well as the free version.

I downloaded Model/Categories, but I don't see a column for cat images.

I don't know which mod lets me upload the cat/sub cat info! I got Categories Dressing, but that doesn't seem to do it either. I'd like to know if anyone knows of a mod that will let me upload my cat/sub images and descs, or tell me which of the ones I have now is doing it.