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    Default How to set up the referral/affiliate program?

    I'm trying to figure out how I'm supposed to set up the referral program since this is one of the main reasons I got Zen over other OS E-Com systems. Anyone know how to do this since I can't find it in the tutorials?

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    Default Re: How to set up the referral/affiliate program?
    You have to download and install addon from
    Partner url shown via link above.
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    Default Re: How to set up the referral/affiliate program?

    We had been working with OSCommerce before switching to ZenCart. One that we recently finished using OSCommerce has an affiliate module built into it. Here's the link to the one we just finished: ********/catalog/Scripts/default.asp. Click the Affiliate link on the right and you can login or register as an affiliate.

    When an affiliate signs up, there is a special linking code that is generated. The affiliate uses it in correspondence with his customers, and when they buy, he gets credit. The system is pretty good, and I wish Zen Cart had it for free.

    Any ideas?

    Moderator note: Link to website using neither Zen Cart nor the other shopping cart was removed.



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