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This section is for documentations of 3rd party contributions, such as addons, modules, extensions, modifications or other contributions.
Developers: read here for tips on [[Developers - Porting modules from osC|porting modules from osC]].
== Varia ==
* [[Contribution:Admin Profiles|Admin Profiles]] - control access to ''Admin'' menus and functions by user id.
* [[Contribution:Dual Pricing|Dual Pricing]] - offer two prices per product, such as wholesale and retail.
* [[Contribution:Image Handler|Image Handler]] - create medium and small images on the fly from single large image; watermark images.
* [[Contribution:Zen Lightbox|Zen Lightbox]] - creates a lightbox effect instead of a popup when visitors click to see large images.
* [[Contribution:Integrated Checkout Without Account|Integrated Checkout Without Account]] - a checkout without account mod that captures and stores customer data while offering the opportunity for regular account creation.
* [[Contribution:Master Password|Master Password]] - log in to any customer account (e.g. to fix lost orders).
* [[Contribution:Manufacturers List Sidebox|Manufacturers List Sidebox]] - An alternative to the ''Manufacturers Select'' scroll box.
* [http://www.zen-cart.com/forum/showthread.php?t=35744 European VAT-Mod] - use customers VAT-number and country to discount taxes.
* [[Contribution:Stock by Attributes|Stock by Attributes]] - manage inventory for individual combinations of attributes.
* [[Contribution:Multiple Stores|Multiple Stores]] - One install of Zen Cart™, with more than one domain name. Offers different templates per store.
* [[Contribution:Web images|Web images]] - use productimages linked to external site (no image on localhost).
* [[Contribution:Wordpress on Zen Cart|Wordpress on Zen cart]] - allows integration of [http://wordpress.org Wordpress], which is blog software, and Zen Cart on the same site.
* [[Contribution:Multisite Module|Multisite Module]] - Manage multiple on-line shops with the same admin section.display the same or different categories, different templates for each sites.
== Order management ==
* [[Contribution:On-the-Fly Invoice Numbering|On-the-Fly Invoice Numbering]] - create unique, successive invoice numbers separate from Zen Cart™ order number.
* [[Contribution:PDF Order Center|PDF Order Center]] - batch-print PDF invoices, labels, price quotes, packing slips, and credits.
* [[Contribution:Super Orders|Super Orders]] - comprehensive order management system to edit orders, add products, split packing slips, and more.
== [[3rd_party_contributions_-_Payment_Modules|Payment Modules]] ==
* [[Contribution:CCAvenue|CCAvenue]]
* [[Contribution:HSBC|HSBC]]
* [[Contribution:iDeal|iDeal (Dutch)]]
* [[Contribution:Protx Direct|Protx VSP Direct]] - a contribution by [http://ceon.net Ceon] for the professional, full integrated VSP™ Direct version of this popular (and cost-effective) UK Payment Gateway
* [[Contribution:Protx Form|Protx VSP Form]] - a contribution by [http://ceon.net Ceon] for the less professional VSP™ Form version of this popular (and cost-effective) UK payment gateway
* [[Contribution:VeriSign Payflow Pro|VeriSign™ Payflow Pro]]
* [[Kreditor Invoice and Pre Payment (with Invoice charge) - Sweden]]
* [[Pay&Read PAYER - Sweden]]
* [[DIBS - Scandinavia]]
* [[Contribution:2CheckOut|2CheckOut™]] - an [http://www.absolute-solutions.co.uk Absolute] contribution, working with Zen Cart™ & 2CO product listing on checkout.
* [[3rd_party_contributions_-_Payment_Modules_-_InternetSecure|InternetSecure]] - a contribution by [http://notgoddess.com NotGoddess]. Secure credit card processing gateway for US and Canadian merchants.
* [[Contribution:Invoice and Purchase Order|Invoice and Purchase Order Payment Methods]]
== Order Total Modules ==
Order Total modules allow the final total to be manipulated up or down at checkout time.  They are visible on the second page of checkout after shipping is selected.
* [[Contribution:Quantity Discounts|Quantity Discounts]]
* [[Contribution:Better Together|Better Together]]
== Search engine optimization ==
There are two URL rewriting contributions, both of them very good (judging from user response): Tim Kroeger's SEFU and Dreamscape's port of Chemo's Ultimate SEO URLs. Read through (or skim through) both support threads to figure out which contribution best meets your needs. There is [http://www.zen-cart.com/forum/showthread.php?p=149599#post149599 a post by Tim Kroeger comparing the two].
* [[Contribution:SEFU That Just Works|SEFU That Just Works]] - a contrib by Tim Kroeger following KISS principles - [http://www.zen-cart.com/forum/showthread.php?t=14132 81 page support thread] - [http://breakmyzencart.com/sefu download the contrib]
* [[Contribution:Ultimate SEO|Ultimate SEO]] - Dreamscape's port of Chemo's Ultimate SEO URLs, also features 301 redirects of the old URLs to the new ones, not updated for 1.3 but this is an easy change - [http://www.zen-cart.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21801 35 page support thread] - [http://www.dream-scape.com/pub/zencart/Ultimate_SEO_URLs/index.html download the v1.2.x contrib] OR: [http://www.zen-cart.com/index.php?main_page=product_contrib_info&products_id=231 download the v1.3.x version]
== Data import tools ==
* [http://www.dataweb.no/dm/ Data Manager - Import tool]
* [http://modhole.com/index.php?module=wiki&page=FrontPage&MMN_position=5:5 Easy Populate - Import tool]
== [[3rd_party_contributions_-_Shipping_Modules|Shipping Modules]] ==
* [[3rd_party_contributions_-_Shipping_Modules_-_UPS_XML|UPS™ XML]]
* [[Contribution:FedEx Shipping Estimator|FedEx Shipping Estimator]]
* [[Contribution:Ty Package Tracker|Ty Package Tracker]]

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