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Welcome to the Zen Cart™ wiki.

The wiki is currently divided into 7 areas which can be accessed from the left navigation sidebar:


Covers these topics about the project itself:

  • Features
  • History
  • Goals
  • Support
  • Getting started


Covers these topics:

  • Getting the code
  • Installing
  • Upgrading
  • Security
  • Common problems


Covers these topics related to daily use of the Zen Cart administration back-end:

  • Administration
  • Checklist
  • Configuration
  • Definitions/glossary
  • Tutorials


Aimed at people with at least a basic understanding of PHP and HTML.

Covers simple stuff about these topics:

  • Templates
  • Localisation
  • E-mail
  • File structure
  • Various tips


Aimed at more experienced developers.

Covers these topics:

  • API info
  • Database
  • Coding standards
  • Class interfaces
  • Porting modules from osC


Covers these topics:

  • Common errors
  • Debugging
  • Installation issues
  • Customisation issues
  • Administration issues

3rd party contributions

Covers documentations on 3rd part contributions.

Latest News

20th December 2005 : Moved site

The wiki has been moved from to

Update your links accordingly.

Old News

6th December 2005 : Its Alive!!

OK, You asked for it. Now, get posting that content.

Worried about where your content should go, ask.

Worried about how to format your content, ask.

Worried about middle aged spread, Me Too.

29th November 2005 : Wiki opened to eyeballs.

The wiki is now open for community members to look over and comment on.

22nd November 2005 : Wiki gets some content.

Thanks to DrByte for getting the wiki installed. It now even has some content. Still need some work on structure.