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The '''Ssl_check page''' is explained here.
== Configuration options ==
This table below shows most of the configuration options including language text for the ''Ssl_check page''.
It is based on a ZenCart version 1.3.0.
Before editing files copy the original file (if not done before) to YOUR_TEMPLATE directory.
Copy image and button files
* from ''includes\templates\'''template_default'''\images\..... ''to ''includes\templates\'''YOUR_TEMPLATE'''\images\.....''
* from ''includes\templates\'''template_default'''\buttons\..... ''to ''includes\templates\'''YOUR_TEMPLATE'''\buttons\.....''
Copy language files
* from ''includes\language\..... ''to ''includes\language\'''YOUR_TEMPLATE'''\.....''
* from ''includes\language\english\..... ''to ''includes\language\english\'''YOUR_TEMPLATE'''\.....''
See also [[Customisation - Templates]]
{| border="1" style="border-collapse:collapse;border:1px solid silver;width:100%;"
|- style="background:Lightblue;text-align:left;"
! | Name 
! | Default value 
! | How to change 
|  'Security Check' 
| Edit language file<b> ssl_check.php</b> near line 24 in the directory ''includes\languages\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE'' 
|  'We have detected that your browser has generated a different SSL Session ID than was used throughout our secure pages.' 
| Edit language file<b> ssl_check.php</b> near line 26 in the directory ''includes\languages\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE'' 
|  'Privacy and Security' 
| Edit language file<b> ssl_check.php</b> near line 32 in the directory ''includes\languages\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE'' 
|  'We validate the SSL Session ID automatically generated by your browser on every secure page request made to this server.<br /><br />This validation assures that it is you who is navigating on this site with your account and not somebody else.' 
| Edit language file<b> ssl_check.php</b> near line 33 in the directory ''includes\languages\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE'' 
|  'For security reasons, you will need to logon to your account again to continue shopping online.' 
| Edit language file<b> ssl_check.php</b> near line 27 in the directory ''includes\languages\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE'' 
| 'Some browsers, such as Konqueror 3.1, do not have the capability to generate the required secure SSL Session ID automatically. If you use such a browser, we recommend switching to another browser to continue your online shopping with us. If you do not have another browser installed on your computer you can download a compatible one from: <a href="http://www.microsoft.com/ie/" target="_blank">Microsoft Internet Explorer</a>, <a href="http://channels.netscape.com/ns/browsers/download_other.jsp" target="_blank">Netscape</a>, or <a href="http://www.mozilla.org/releases/" target="_blank">Mozilla</a>.' 
| Edit language file<b> ssl_check.php</b> near line 28 in the directory ''includes\languages\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE'' 
| 'We have taken this security measure for your benefit, and apologize for any inconvenience it causes.' 
| Edit language file<b> ssl_check.php</b> near line 29 in the directory ''includes\languages\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE'' 
| 'Please contact the store owner if you have any questions relating to this requirement, or to continue purchasing products offline.' 
| Edit language file<b> ssl_check.php</b> near line 30 in the directory ''includes\languages\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE'' 
| [[Image:button_continue.gif]] 
| Edit button image file<b>  'button_continue.gif'</b> in the directory ''includes\templates\YOUR_TEMPLATE\buttons\english\'' with a graphic tool 
|  'Continue' 
| Edit button names file<b> button_names.php</b> near line 74 in the directory ''includes\languages\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE''. <br />Note: This text will be visible when your hover over this button. 
|  'Security Check' 
| Edit language file<b> ssl_check.php</b> near line 23 in the directory ''includes\languages\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE'' 
This table is made by looking for used defines in the following files:
* includes\modules\pages\ssl_check\header_php.php
* includes\templates\template_default\templates\tpl_ssl_check_default.php
Defines (configuration options) are defined in:
* includes\languages\english\button_names.php
* includes\languages\english\ssl_check.php
Product type configuration option are ignored
Shipping, payment and Order Total module configuration option are also ignored

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