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Database Version


Stores all access data to the admin panel.

Table Details

Primary Key


Indexed Fields



admin_id Primary Key

A unique, auto incremented value, to identify each admin record.
Type: int(11)
Null: No
Extra: auto_increment

admin_name Index

The username of the administrator account.
Type: varchar(32)
Null: No


The email address of the administrator account. Checked for validation before inserting it via the admin panel. Used to reset admin password when password is forgotten by admin.
Type: varchar(96)
Null: No


Administrator password encrypted with the password function zen_encrypt_password(). The validation with an encrypted and a plain text password are made with the function zen_validate_password().
Type: varchar(40)
Null: No


Admin level of the administrator account. This is used to restrict access as admin when the admin demo is setup. Can be set to 1 (full rights) or 2-9 (restricted rights).

At the present time, only 1 or 0 are used. The other values are ignored.

Type: tinyint(1)
Null: No
Default: 1

Default Entries

Although no default entries are loaded with a stock install (with or without demo data), they are populated when you run the install script and fill in these values via the form.