• How do I set up the basic Credit Card module, used for Offline CC order processing?

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  This module is NO LONGER included in Zen Cart because it does not meet PCI compliance requirements for ecommerce security.
    The BETTER alternative is to use a real live payment gateway service connected to your business merchant account.

    Original now-obsolete article below:

    There are several payment modules in Admin> Modules> Payment. Many of them are for payment-gateways where the customer's credit card is authorized automatically while they are online, and payment is deposited to your merchant-bank-account (which you set up with your bank) automatically.

    However, if you wish to simply "collect" the customer's credit-card information and run it through your own Swipe Machine or Virtual Terminal manually, here is how to configure and use it:

    1. Go to Admin->Modules->Payment
    2. Click on Credit-Card
    3. Click on Install
    4. Click on Edit
    5. Set the following:
    - Enable Credit Card Module = true
    - Split Credit Card E-Mail Address ---> ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS HERE
    - Payment Zone ---> leave as -none-
    - Set Order Status ---> suggest to set it to Pending
    - Sort order ... set this to the order you want this to appear in relation to other payment modules on the customer's checkout page.

    6. Click Update

    YOU REALLY NEED TO BE SURE YOU HAVE SSL ENABLED ON YOUR SITE if you intend to collect Credit Card numbers online.
    Enabling SSL on a Zen Cart site

    TO USE:
    1. Customer places an order and provides their CC info.
    2. In your Admin->Customers->Orders, you'll see their order.
    3. If you click on that order, you'll see the details. Their Credit Card number will be displayed, but with the MIDDLE EIGHT DIGITS blanked out with XXXXXXXX.
    4. Check your email for a message related to the order number you have on your screen.
    5. In the email are the 8 digits that were blacked out with XXXXXXXX
    6. Assemble the CC number and enter it into your merchant Terminal to process the CC transaction.
    7. Assuming the CC purchase is approved by your merchant, you can mark the order as "Processing".
    We suggest you also add the Authorization Number to the "Comments" field before you save the new order status.
    If you want to let the customer know the payment has been approved, check the box that says "notify customer", and they'll get an email right away showing the authorization number you entered (and any other comments), and the updated order status.
    8. Once you ship the order, you likely want to update the order status on this same screen to "Delivered".

    WHY do we split the CC number up like this?
    Your merchant's Terms of Service (TOS) will be very clear that you're not allowed to store customer credit card numbers in a retrieval system, and that if you do and your system is hacked and your customer's CC info is stolen and used fraudulently, YOU will be liable for all unauthorized purchases made with those CC numbers. Hence, to protect you and your customers, the full numbers are not stored in Zen Cart, but are split up into 2 separate mechanisms for safety, but still simple to use.

    More information on Credit Card Numbers along with numbers suitable for testing purposes can be found here:
    Anatomy of a Credit Card number

    NOTE: You should never collect CVV data if you are manually processing credit card orders, as having that information is a violation of terms of service with credit card companies.
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