• How do I configure the taxes? (US state sales tax - single rate)

    FIRST, set your store's zone properly:
    Admin > Configuration > My Store > Zone
    Choose your country and zone from the lists provided by the edit button.

    Here is an example, for setting up taxes for the state of Colorado:

    Go to:
    Admin > Locations/Taxes > Zones Definitions > Insert

    Zone Name: Colorado
    Description: Colorado State Sales Tax (or whatever you like)
    click on 'insert'

    Click on 'Details' after creating a zone
    Click on 'Insert'
    Country = United States
    Zone = Colorado
    Click on 'insert'

    Go to:
    Admin > Locations/Taxes > Tax Classes

    Click on 'New Tax Class'
    Title = Taxable Goods
    Description = Whatever you like
    Click on 'insert'

    Go to:
    Admin > Locations/Taxes > Tax Rates

    Click on 'New Tax Rate'
    Select your zone, 'Colorado'
    Set your tax rate
    give it a description, ex: Colorado State Sales Tax
    Click on insert

    Last, make sure you apply the new tax class that you created (Taxable Goods) to any and all products that you might be charging tax on.

    To make this faster when adding new products, in the Admin area, you can select a default Tax Class to be applied to all new products you create, by selecting "Catalog -> Product Types -> (choose a product type) -> Edit Layout -> Default Tax Class
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