• How do I set a default Tax Class for new-products?

    Is there a way I can get it to select a certain Tax class automatically from Tax Class to Products Price (Net): i.e. without having select the Tax in admin via entering products?

    1. Find out the tax class ID number in Admin> Locations/Taxes> Tax Classes
    Click on the desired tax class.
    Click Edit
    look in the URL for &tID=
    grab the number from that (likely 1 or 2 or something)

    2. Admin> Catalog> Product Types
    Select the product type you're using, and click Edit Layout
    Near the bottom of the list that appears, choose:
    Product Price Tax Class Default - When adding new products?
    and enter the tax class ID number you obtained in step 1 above.

    Ta-Da! Next time you add a product, the tax class is pre-selected.
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