• How do I set up "Music" products for audio-previews?

    1. Create your Music Genres
    2. Create your Media Types (these are the allowed file-extension types you will use for uploading files)
    3. Create your Record Companies
    4. Create your Recording Artists

    5. Create your music products ... be sure to select the "Product-Music" product-type from the pulldown menu when creating the product.
    While entering the product details, you can select the Record Artist, the Record Company, the Genre, etc.

    6. Create your media collections using Media Manager .... these are like albums/mixes of songs which can be tied to one or many products.
    • "Insert" to create a new media collection. Just give it a name, and click Save.
    • Click "Edit" and now you can add media clips to the collection
      • Click Browse to select a file stored on your PC, based on the selected media-type.
      • When you click Add, it will be uploaded to the Media Directory selected in the pulldown menu (by default, this is the "/media" folder on your server).
      • After each item is uploaded, you can click Edit again to add another clip
    • If you need to delete a clip, simply click the Delete button next to a given clip
    7. With your media collection still selected, click the "Assign to Products" button
    • Choose a category and product with which you want to associate this media collection
    • You can assign more than one, simply by selecting, clicking Add, and selecting again, clicking Add, etc.
    • Collections are not limited to certain categories ... they can be assigned to products in various categories as required.
    • CAUTION: You need to be sure to ONLY select "product-music" products.  The menus do not restrict you to this, but if you select products which are not music products, then your media collections will not be shown in the store.
    8. Now your customers can listen to these clips online prior to purchasing your products.
    (You might want to ensure that the clips are only short but appealing sections of the full product, to cut down on bandwidth and theft.)

    9. You will need to set up your product Attributes to actually tie the "real" music clips to your products for "Purchase".
    There are a couple tutorials on this process:
    Setting up downloads for products
    Adding Attributes
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