• What is an SSL certificate

    An SSL certificate contains the following information:

    - The domain name for which the certificate was issued.
    - The owner of the certificate and the domain name.
    - The physical location of the owner.
    - The validity dates of the certificate.

    When you connect to a secure web server, the server authenticates itself to the web browser by presenting a digital certificate. The certificate is proof that an independent trusted third party has verified that the website belongs to the company it claims to belong to. A valid certificate gives customers confidence that they are sending personal information securely, and to the right place.

    SSL certificates can provide you with non-forgeable proof of your website's identity, and customer confidence in the integrity and security of your online business. Customers are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of SSL security and will often not purchase online from non-secure stores. All major web merchants use SSL security to encourage customers to buy online.
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