• First Data Merchant Services

      You can now sign up for a merchant account to use the First Data payment gateway.

      The First Data gateway supports various payment approaches:

      • Hosted Checkout Payment Pages (with a GGe4 Global Gateway e4 account)
      • Payeezy JS Checkout supported by javascript

      Hosted Payment Pages

      (Also called "Hosted CheckOut", or "HCO")

      Hosted Payment Pages redirect the customer to another (customizable) site to collect card payments.

      Download the First Data Hosted Pages Checkout module for Zen Cart

      Payeezy JS Checkout

      Payeezy JS Checkout allows you to collect card data ON your site, but the actual processing of the card data happens in real-time externally, and the card data never touches your store's database or software. This is a PCI Compliant solution which is very user-friendly.

      Download the PayeezyJS module for Zen Cart

      To sign up for an account, go to: https://www.merchantselfboarding.com/ngss/zencart?PartnerID=zencart

      To contact a sales agent with any questions about First Data and Zen Cart, use this page:
      or call 1-855-295-2251
    Zen-Cart, Internet Selling Services, Klamath Falls, OR