• My taxes aren't calculating properly. What should I check?

    If you haven't configured taxes yet, please see the related articles on setting up taxes.  If you have set up taxes according to the instructions, but they don't seem to be working as expected, use the following list as a guide. If you intend to request assistance on the forum, please include the answers to these questions with your support request/inquiry:

    Troubleshooting tax issues includes the following ...

    1. What are your store settings for these set to?
    Admin->Configuration->My Store
    a. Country/Zone
    b. Basis of Product Tax
    c. Basis of Shipping Tax
    d. Display Prices With Tax
    e. Display Prices With Tax-Admin

    2. What Zone Definitions have you created?
    Admin->Locations/Taxes->Zones Definitions

    3. Inside each of those zone definitions, what country/zone combinations have been selected?
    Admin->Locations/Taxes->Zones Definitions, click on "Details" button for each zone

    4. What tax classes do you have?
    Admin->Locations/Taxes->Tax Classes

    5. What tax rates have you created?
    Admin->Locations/Taxes->Tax Rates

    6. What tax class have you associated with your products?
    Admin->Catalog->Categories/Products->click on a product to edit it

    7. What tax class have you associated with each of your shipping modules?
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