• How do I authorize a Credit Card but not actually charge it until I ship the goods?

    After taking the order in Zen Cart I want the Credit Card to be authorised but not charged to the customer until the goods have been shipped.  I would anticipate the delay from order to shipping to be about a week. How do I go about this?

    This largely depends on your choice of payment gateway, as to whether this option is offered or not.  Most true Merchant Gateways offer this, including LinkPoint API and Authorize.net AIM.

    It is very common to need to prepare the order, then calculate true shipping costs, and update those costs before finally charging the card.  Or at least not charge until the goods are ready to ship.

    The process is this:
    1. Set the payment module into "Authorize Payment" mode (not "Capture" or "Charge" mode).
    2. Prepare the order
    3. Calculate true shipping charges.
    4. Log in to your Merchant Gateway system. Find the transaction for that customer/order.  Update shipping costs if appropriate.  Now choose to "Capture" the funds.  This charges the card and puts the money in your bank account during the next processing cycle.
    5. Ship the goods
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