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    Here are some suggestions, assuming you're running the latest-released version of Zen Cart:

    1. Turn off Category Counts, especially if you have a large number of categories.
    a. Admin->Config->My Store->Show Category Counts=false
    b. Admin->Config->My Store->Show Category Counts-Admin = false
    (this second one is for admin-area only when editing catalog)

    2. Disable the Manufacturers sidebox if you don't need it.
    Admin->Tools->Layout Boxes

    If you want to offer a coupon, you need to first enable the coupon system:

    Go to: Admin->Modules->Order Total->Discount Coupons (ot_coupon). 
    If it's not already installed, click Install to enable it.

    Creating Coupons

    Now, in your Admin area, you have a menu item entitled "Gift Certificates/Coupons".  Click on the Coupon Admin option.

    Next, you create a coupon by clicking Insert.  ...

    DB_ERROR_NOT_CONNECTED occurs when something is wrong with your database.

    Your /includes/configure.php and /admin/includes/configure.php files contain settings for the database (DB_SERVER ...

    The PCI rules for password management require that admin users change their password every 90 days.

    So, after 90 days has elapsed, the next time you log in to your Admin ...

    If your database credentials have been altered incorrectly, you might receive an unexpected screen when visiting your store:

    There seems to be a problem connecting to our database. Please give us a few minutes


    NOTE: This page has been moved to: https://docs.zen-cart.com/user/troub...ance_required/

    This error generally means that one or more system tables cannot be found in the database.

    This can occur if you've provided valid DB credentials in your configure.php files and the database itself exists but contains no tables. In this case you need to run zc_install to properly setup the database contents.

    Further, this symptom most commonly occurs when moving your site to another server and not properly preserving the DB_PREFIX setting from the old site's configure.php into the new site's configure.php, thus the tablenames cannot be located because they don't match up properly. Or you need to run zc_install to create the proper tables. Or you need to import the correct matching database data, since what you've got in the database presently isn't suitable for your current DB_PREFIX configuration.
    (To manually figure out the correct prefix to use, look at the database using phpMyAdmin and see what common 2-4 letter prefix starts all the tablenames. Then set that value into the DB_PREFIX definition in your configure.php file.)

    Many storeowners are uncertain whether they should add SSL to their site, citing various reasons, including cost and complexity of setup.

    MODERN ANSWER: Yes, you should use SSL on your site. Not only does it lend to protecting sensitive information, but it is also becoming more and more important for good search engine ranking nowadays.

    Now for the technical and bigger-picture explanation:

    Here are the things to consider:

    SSL encrypts communications between your customer's browser and your webserver. This means nobody can snoop on what they're transmitting to you (such as someone spying on internet traffic in a cafe or wifi hotspot, or library)

    If your site is collecting credit card info directly in a page inside your store (ie: not redirecting to a bank or payment gateway site to collect card info for payment) then YES you absolutely MUST use SSL to protect your customers' payment information.

    In the latest phpMyAdmin, the navigation on the left panel limits the list of tables to just a small portion of the available information.

    To see the full list...

    Go to:
    Server: localhost (usually this will be localhost, but may be different in rare cases) ...
    by Published on 19 Aug 2012 09:20 PM

    Every time I'm adding a new item to my v1.5.x admin, I search the forums and can never find the post (I know it's there) that identifies how to get your ...

    NOTE: Flash video on webpages is becoming more and more outdated, in favor of newer and more widely-accepted technologies.


    You can set up a product which can act as a variable-price amount, ideal for accepting donations, as follows:

    1. Create a product, with a ...

    On the "checkout_success" page, there are several pieces of data available:

    • $order_summary['order_number'] = The current order

    The following error occurs when trying to process a payment through Paypal express near the final stages.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience; however, at the present time we are unable to use PayPal to process orders from the geographic region you selected as your PayPal address. Please continue using normal checkout and select from the available payment methods to complete your order.
    Zen Cart's use of cookies is VERY simple: it only sets and retrieves an anonymous session cookie. Nothing more.
    However, alterations added by the storeowner may behave differently, including but not limited to tracking addons, analytics scripts, tracking pixels, etc. Those are up to the storeowner to disclose.

    Descriptions of these tools can be found at the individual web sites

    PHP, HTML and Text Editors



    Yes it is. When you set up the PayPal parameters for each of your Zen Cart sites you can give them the same API credentials used for your single PayPal ...

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